Starmist, born Sturla T Sivertsen in 1985, is a Norwegian music producer and DJ with over 20 years of experience in the music production industry, and over 10 years of professional DJ industry experience.
Hailing from Kristiansund, a city located on the west coast of Norway, Starmist has always been surrounded by music, owing to his family’s musical background.
His passion for music production began at the young age of 15/16, and he has since grown into one of the most established DJs and producers from Norway.

Starmist’s live DJ performances are special experiences.
His high-energy and highly technical mixing method has captivated many audiences.
His on-stage presence is intense, and with a completely unique and original vibe that has become synonymous with the Starmist brand.

As an artist and producer, Starmist has an impressive library of tracks under his belt.
He has released dozens of tracks under different names and monikers on many labels, and has been featured on many compilations.

Starmist’s success can be attributed to his versatile sound, which transcends genres and borders.
He has worked with many artists, producers, and musicians from around the world,
which has helped to enable him to develop a unique sound that is truly his own.
Starmist’s sound is characterized by his versatility, and professionalism.

He does not confine himself to a specific genre or style, instead opting to collaborate with a wide range of musicians,
vocalists, and music producers to create unique and memorable music.

His sound is a mashup of old and new, with elements from the 90s and 2000s blended together
for the “classic sounds, revised visions” concept. This is what makes the Starmist brand so special
– a sound and vibe that is both timeless and contemporary.