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The Starmist brand is a music artist and label branding, mainly inspired and focused on my concept of Classic Sounds Revised Visions. Heavily focused on incorporating the classic club feels. No ghost productions here, just unfettered good old music productions with bangin’ rhythms and diverse genres between each release: — I do what inspires me in the moment, or in the context of the themes, and I always try to incorporate the classical 90s, 2000s styles into my music, my live-shows and studio DJ mixes.

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Starmist, the seasoned Norwegian music producer and DJ, is back with a new single, “All Night Long”. This release is a celebration of the nightlife, encapsulating the energy and atmosphere of a club, with flashing lights and a pulsating dancefloor. The title track, “All Night Long”, is a tech house/techno club banger with a progressive/deep feeling and a lot of bass, compelling listeners to dance.

The original vocal mix is a journey through dark soundscapes, melodic elements, and effected vocals, all underpinned by a pounding bass. It’s a deeper vibe that’s bound to resonate with nightclub enthusiasts. The vocal track is Starmist’s own vocal put to the test. The instrumental version of the track offers the same compelling dancefloor experience, sans vocals.

The single also features an acapella tool, providing pure vocals for DJs and producers to use in their live mixes or remixes, adding a versatile element to the release.

The remixes included in this release each bring a unique flavor to the original. Glitch Matrix infuses their remix with a funky retro vibe, blending arpeggiated melodies with an old-school house beat. The result is a high-energy variation with creative melodic chops that takes you back to the good old club scene. Their extended remix offers a longer version of this retro-infused journey.

Priq’s radio remix is an upbeat funky techno interpretation, perfect for festivals and clubs. It features a carnival-esque melody theme in the breaks, saw-style basslines, and a creative use of the original vocals. The energy is palpable, making it a short version that’s bursting at the seams. His extended remix maintains this gushing energy for a longer, immersive experience.

Josh Holiday takes a different approach with his remix, opting for a minimal techno style. It’s bass-heavy and experimental, with creative vocal remixing and rearrangement. The dark soundscapes and pounding bass make for a classic minimal techno experience.

“All Night Long” is a testament to Starmist’s versatility as an artist, offering a range of styles and interpretations that ensure there’s something for every listener. Whether you’re a fan of tech house, techno, old-school house, or electro house, this release has got you covered. So, get ready to dance “All Night Long”.


Stay tuned for a music experience like no other as Starmist, the Norwegian DJ and music producer with over 20 years of industry experience, is planning for his upcoming USA tour
Starmist – The Nebula USA Tour – Live In Concert!

With his intense on-stage presence and highly technical mixing method, Starmist has captivated many audiences,
and he is soon to bring his high-energy performance to selected cities in the United States.
More information on tour dates and performance/event locations will be announced.

As a versatile artist and producer, Starmist’s sound transcends genres and borders, blending elements from the 90s and 2000s seamlessly.
He has collaborated with many artists, producers, and musicians from around the world, which has enabled him to develop a unique sound that is truly his own.

Starmist has had the pleasure of collaborating and working with big names like DJ Skip, Steve “Silk” Hurley (Chicago/USA), Cher’s vocal protegè Maria Moss (Spain), and Billy London (Hawaii/USA),
just to name a few, and has been featured on many compilations, remix releases and other music releases across the globe.

With his own record labels, Starmist Records and MegaVibeNetwork, Starmist has an impressive library of tracks under his belt, and his live performances are nothing short of spectacular.
When it’s announced, don’t miss the opportunity to witness Starmist’s captivating and original vibe live in concert.

PS: If you are an event planner in the United States, and you have suggestions for a show location, or you can accommodate a show please let me know by email at


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