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Sturla T Sivertsen, the 34 year old which is more commonly known in the music business as DJ Starmist (also only Starmist)
or Klubb Musix to a lot of people, is an artist, producer and DJ with an
extremely special skillset when it comes to these roles in combination on stage and in the studio.
His DJ play style is consistent and aggressive, and by listening to his mixes, you can tell that there’s
hard work involved.
The producer role shimmers through the DJ sets, and his on-stage-
performance-focus is intense and original.

As an artist and producer, he has been featured on pretty decent compilations, and has cooked up
an impressively big library of tracks over the years. He started out making music at age 15/16, and has released dozens of tracks under different names and monikers.

With his own record label, he has the opportunity to release his own music there as well.

Lately, he has been working with’s record labels:
Deep Sounds / Artist Intelligence Agency
and Eyes On You Records / Artist Intelligence Agency

He is releasing on these labels:

STARMIST RECORDS (Norway) All kinds of EDM / House / Dance Music
THE SEED (United States) Techno, Tech House
TIGHT GROOVE (United States) Techno/Tech House
DEEP SOUNDS (Unites States) Part of Releasing Bass Music and Deep House
EYES ON YOU (United States) Part of Releasing Bass Music and House / EDM
VESSOLOGY (Netherlands) Label run by Vessbroz DJ Duo. EDM / House Music / Dance Music
ELECTRIFIED MINDZ (Unites States) Techno / Deep Tech / Tech House


You can expect a lot of sonic bliss as this artist incorporates the most beautiful of his own sounds
with the hottest tracks of today and yesterday. A vast selection of quirky techno funk and deep
pounding tech house grooves, are what makes this artist more than happy to come back for more.
When DJ’ing, he can also produce more calming atmospheres as with Deep House and Chilled
Beats, that will make any lounge or bar lover happy. The styles that are dearest to him are:
Music / Tech House / House Music, Deep House, and Techno.

In general terms, dance music that will fulfill the club client’s needs, and then some.
But he can also be on the Retro Music side and the Chill Out & Deep House beats side, and then you
really get to know how versatile this DJ really can be, with soothing smooth deep sounds that will carry the audience into a melodic frenzy. The main point is the ability for him to take a live set and infuse it with his own new productions or
some old ones across the timeline. That’s when it is total magic both for him to play and to be a
person in the crowd. His DJ skills are superbly technical, and so are his music producing skills.

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